Painting Issues

So I started a painting and I’m wondering if I’m getting a message from a nonphysical source…. in the two days I’ve been painting I’ve had 3 bugs dive bomb my painting and die in the paint. I wake up to see how its drying and BAM BAM BAM! Bugs are killing themselves on my painting! I’m not sure if its a sign of “OMG its so Beautiful” or “OMG STOP PAINTING WE CAN’T STAND IT!” Thoughts? Damn bugs.

Something’s Afoot….

After a small break in my left foot, not a week later, I was stung by a bee on my right foot. The worst part about the whole ordeal was that after the pain went away, I felt sad for the bee.   


a foot

Turtle Bundt Cake

Yesterday, before a hike, my friends and I stopped at a bakery and my fiancé, in all seriousness, asks “Is a Turtle Bundt Cake made out of Turtle Bundts?” he looked semi-disgusted. I’m not sure what part of a turtle is the bundt, but I can’t stop laughing at this.

Btw my fiancé is from another country and I get these funny little questions all the time.

Turtle Bunt

Today My Dad Starts Chemotherapy

Today my dad starts chemotherapy. My heart and soul is with him in the large room of cancer patients he sits with today. Once a week he’ll sit in a lazy boy recliner for 9 hours of chemotherapy with a laptop on his lap watching a movie or listening to a book on tape. My mom will sit next to him, drive him, and try to care for him as much as she can. He’ll get a daily dose of radiology and have a daily drive of 60 miles round-trip equaling 2,940 miles. He’ll eat through a feeding tube, live on pain pills and be isolated from the grandkids and the outside world. Because of the low white blood cell count he’ll be basically quarantined.  And after all that, my dad is actually worried about taking 12 to 16 pain pills a day and becoming addicted. I told him “Dad, you have seven weeks to become addicted and the rest of your life to become unaddicted. Manage your pain and you’ll be through the worst before you know it.” He seemed to like the positive spin.

It’s going to be a long 7 weeks. My family has a pretty tough schedule coming up. We have to stay strong mentally and must focus on getting better. And with that I’ve been asking myself: How can I help from such a far-away distance? I cannot drive them, pick up groceries, cook, help my dad in and out of the car, or give mom and dad a hug when the day becomes too much. What can I do for a person that has given everything for me?

My dad likes to walk to the mailbox and back each day with his chocolate lab, Maddie, she follows him everywhere. It’s a long walk, with rocks and bees and if it’s hot outside it’s even longer. When you get to the end of the walk you stand at the mailbox under olive trees and no matter how hot it is a cool breeze finds you. It’s quiet and peaceful and one of those enjoyable chores. While I was visiting my dad told me “I’m going to miss getting the mail everyday, but I’m going to try and walk to the mailbox as much as I can.”

So my plan, as of today, is to send a note, in letter format, with as much positivity as possible. Maybe just a one-liner with a joke or something simple. I was even thinking inspirational quotes and nice photos. I’ve been looking everywhere for different and positive sayings. I’d like to do this daily. If I did that for seven weeks that would add up to 49 letters and I’d like to give him at least that many reasons to get out of bed and walk to the mailbox with his beloved dog.

If anyone has something positive you want to send me so I can pass on words to brighten my dad’s day please message me.

Being positive and looking forward to my dad getting well is all that I want for the next seven weeks.


London Cafe – One Amazing Cup of Coffee

One Amazing Cup of Coffee

I got off the Piccadilly (tube/train) Line in hopes of finding The Natural History Museum. When walking around, taking stock of the area, making mental notes in order to try and not get lost I saw a Starbucks. “Hum” coffee sounded good, but no, I can get Starbucks anytime. So I kept on walking and not ten paces later I saw a ton of people through a window eating and the food looked good! I peeked my head through the doorway to see if it was possible to find a coffee as well. Yes! They had an nice shinny espresso machine and I found myself floating in because of the food on display and the happy servers behind the counter. There were tables and a bar made out of wood with purple flowers hanging from the top.

A server asked me, “do you want a table?” “No, but can I sit at the bar?” (I can have a table in Seattle anytime) the server smiled and said “pick where you want” I sat were I could see the cooks and waiters and I promptly got great service! I ordered a deep cup of coffee, my favorite, a vanilla mocha. I watched the barista make it in excitement! While I waited I listened to two lively ladies having a conversation about there week and the background noise of the cafe. It was a busy and loud, a good loud, clinking plates and glasses and rushing feet. I could even hear the kitchen staff calling out orders in really classy English accents.

I received my coffee and it looked like a toasted marshmallow was burnt on the top, I couldn’t wait to taste it! The rich chocolate lingered in my mouth as I took the first sip. My god, this, was a gooood coffee. More like a slice of silk chocolate cake in my mouth. The coffee was smooth and rich and I decided that this cup deserved my time and it was going to get every minute that it deserved, no rushing aloud.

As I drank I was tempted to order food however I had no desire to eat. This coffee was going to receive all the attention for now. However, if I return, the grilled golden potatoes lightly covered in garlic and parsley and the eggs benedict would be on my to-do list.

Thank you London and Muriel’s Kitchen for one amazing cup of coffee!


Coffee London

London Cafe FoodLondon Cafe Food WaiterLondon Cafe Yum


*In a Deep Scary Movie Voice*

“A Journey though The Good, The Bad and The Ugly… Interviews.

Don’t get too caught up in one job for It Will Turn on You In An Instant!

Staring Jamie as herself and a range of competent and incompetent people.

Featuring assholes from across the job market with taglines like “You’re overqualified” and “You’re resume is flawless, are you sure you wrote it?” and “Oh our budget changed, thanks for your 5 hour interview on your one day off”

You’ll laugh out loud at lines like “We’d love to hire you! Did we forget to mention we’re Not offering benefits?”

This Winter See Jamie wade through the Jungle of Job Markets!!!!


*Photo from Evil Dead*


I Ran Away Screaming…

I was standing around in a parking lot chatting with a two other people when a HUGE SPIDER just walked up and decided to join the conversation.  We thought “What’s the harm in taking its photo?” Apparently the spider didn’t like the idea because it then jumped on my fiance and tried to crawl up his leg! I am Not ashamed to say… I ran away screaming!!! As I left my helpless +1 I turned to look back to see him desperately trying to shake the spider from his leg. Through the lights in the far away distance I could see the spiders silhouette as it was clung on to my fiance’s leg. I kept on running and eventually Mr. Spider let go and was flung into the air. I ran and screamed even louder for the huge spider had disappeared into thin air.

This spider was a big as my hand! Look at it’s fangs! AHHHHHH ! ! ! !


“I Think Vegetables are Yuck, Yuck, Yuck”

Adventures in Babysitting:

While babysitting I always had a particular issue with one little guy. He was, and still is, a picky eater. So instead of insisting on or punishing the little dude, I always had a few tricks up my sleeve. This night, in order to get Mr. Picky to finish his salad, we, his slightly older sister and I, decided to make a song. If he took a bite, we’d think up a line, write it down, and in the morning they could sing it to their parents.  Just think of the wheels on the bus go round and round and you have the tune. While the tune is a little choppy, it had them forgetting about their hate for the meal and laughing.


I think Vegetables are yuck, yuck, yuck.    Yuck, yuck, yuck.   Yuck, yuck, yuck.   I think Vegetables are yuck, yuck, yuck. They grow from the ground.


Other yucky ones are kale, carrots, cabbage.  Kale, carrots, cabbage.   Kale, carrots, cabbage Other yucky ones are kale, carrots, cabbage. They grow from the ground.

More yucky ones are beets, brussel sprouts, broccoli.   Beets, brussel sprouts, broccoli.  Beets, brussel sprouts, broccoli. More yucky ones are beets, brussel sprouts, broccoli.  They grow from the ground.

All vegetables can be boiled, boiled, boiled.  In water, water, water. Water, water, water. All vegetables can be boiled, boiled, boiled,  In a huge Pot!

All day long you eat them with a fork, eat them with a fork, eat them with a fork.   All day long you eat them with a fork.  That’s one long day!

My mom and dad says they’re Really good for us, Really good for us. Good for us, us us.  My mom and dad says they’re Really good for us

But we think they’re YUCK!

By Amaya, Ishan, and Jamie



Jamie’s Rhyming Cover Letter

Friday, 11 February 2011 - When on my search for work I came across an odd request: “Please Write a Cover Letter that Rhymes.” And after submitting application after application I decided to reply for the fun of it. This is what I came up with:


Jamie’s Cover Letter:

Please sit back, enjoy this short tune, let me tell you about who I am, so you can hire me soon.  I do not like beers or brews, I only drink coffee, wine or orange-juice. While not working throughout the day, I like to sit and think of cunning things to say….

I like to work with people all day, in order to take a long va-ca. I travel far, I travel wide, I like to see the sea and the sun-shine. I’ve been to Lebanon, I’ve been to Dubai, while sitting on a beach, camels walk by.

Without a job I won’t go far, I don’t even own a small car. I need a job, I got laid off, being broke (pardon my French) really pisses me off.  I am really bored, can’t you tell? So give me a job! I’ll do really well.

Excel, phone calls, Power Points! Oh my! You need me in your office! However did you get by? Copies, faxes, run the reports, need help with your calendar? That’s what I’m here for.

People like me, what can I say? Co-workers light-up cause I smile and laugh throughout the workday.  My skills are many, my skills are defined, attached is my resume, be sure to read every line.

This poem isn’t epic or really that great, but maybe you’ll like it enough to give me a date.  A date to come meet you, a date to say hell-o, a date so when I leave, a paycheck will foll-ow.


My Engagement Ring!!!

My Engagement Ring!!! The little girl I babysit (who’s almost taller than me) decided that I needed an engagement ring. I think she did an awesome job. Best lookin’ ring I’ve ever seen.

Her little brother has decided I wear a yellow and blue polka-dotted dress that he must design. Sounds good to me!